Providing dairy producers with fast and easy access to the best management resources, insights, and solutions


Our clients Tell Us:

  • They've created an environment where people want to work and animals thrive.

  • They make better informed decisions.

  • They are more confident in their marketing decisions.

  • They appreciate opportunities to discuss issues.

  • They save time researching products and services.

  • They like having our team provide insights, second opinions, and fresh ideas.

  • They've built community support for their operation.

  • They're prepared to manage an issue or crisis.

  • They like that we support their advisors and consultants.


 Our Approach:  

  • We provide farm families with full access to our team of experts:

    • Our knowledge is broad: Economics, risk management, human behavior, dairy science, machinery management, public relations, communications, animal welfare. We work as a group to provide high quality insights.

  • We provide rapid response via phone, text, email, or video conference. On-farm visits are available when that's the best way to help the producer improve.

  • Our advice is confidential and exclusive.

  • We are unbiased by industry relationships.

  • We willingly challenge preconceived ideas.

  • We’ll help producers get out of ruts and gain new vision.

  • Our sponsors allow us to provide our education, information, and advisory services at reduced cost to the dairy farmer.

we're available at the

 touch of a button: 


Our FYP Dairy app is a quick way for the producer to access our team and an easy way to monitor their dairy's profit.  They learn how changes in milk price, feed cost, and production affect profitability using our IOFC (Income Over Feed Cost) calculator.  Our app also provides daily market insights, futures prices, and management insights.


We work with the producers team:


We believe that a producer’s employees and trusted advisors are key in reaching their goals.  We work with the dairy’s vet, nutritionist, lender, broker, and accountant to support their contributions and strengthen their capabilities.

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