Why We Started FYP Consulting

Roxanne and I grew up on mixed-enterprise farms in the non-glaciated NE corner of Iowa.  Our families made good livings and, like farm families everywhere, lived with lots of stress and uncertainty.  Were we going to have a crop?  Were the yields going to be good or poor?  How were the cows going to milk this year?  What was the price of hogs going to be?  What was the corn price for those bushels, if any, that we could sell?  Could we afford to make improvements?  How much risk could we manage?  Where should we invest our limited capital?

Those questions and more came with the uncertainty of farming.  Many, but not all of those variables were out of our control.  At the time, we lacked the skills and tools needed to manage information, monitor profitability, and manage risk.  Like many businesses we farmed by the checkbook.

On top of economic uncertainty, we faced the same family/people issues as all families that work together:  Was anyone having fun?  Was the work satisfying or only frustrating?  Were Dad and/or Mom willing to share decision making with the next generation as they came of age?  Was there enough income to support two families or was everyone expected to "tighten their belt"?  Who's in charge of what?

Those questions were present when we farmed together and are present in every farm business today.  The questions and challenges remain the same regardless of decade, enterprise, or size of operation. 

We started FYP (Find Your Profit) Consulting to help farm businesses answer their questions and address their challenges.  We are extremely pleased to have assembled an outstanding team of people that want to see farm families succeed.  We do that by offering unbiased and easily accessible expertise to farms of all types.  Our work with farm businesses begins with a joint understanding of that business's goals and objectives.  We identify how we'll measure progress towards those goals, and the value of reaching them.

Contact us when you want to discuss your objectives.   

Lee and Roxanne Gross