Lee Gross

Founder and Economist, Visalia, CA:

Our two co-founders started their life together managing Lee's family farm in Iowa and remain committed to agriculture today.  Lee's brought value to producers and industry partners in Extension roles in ag and dairy economics with the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin, and sales roles with Monsanto Dairy and Pfizer/Zoetis in the western US.  Working in the public and private sectors gives Lee a unique perspective in delivering value to clients.  Lee will talk economics endlessly with whoever will listen.


Roxanne Gross

Founder and COO, Visalia, CA:

Roxanne is a lifetime supporter of the dairy and agriculture industries, starting as a wee lass on her family's Iowa dairy farm.  After pledging to never marry a farmer she did exactly that - and here she is years later back in agriculture.  Roxanne built her skills in customer service, data management, policy development, and human resource management working in the medical profession at places like UCLA.  She is proficient in guiding day-to-day operations and keeping the wheels on FYP Consulting.

Robin for web.jpg

Robin Schmahl

Market Analyst and Risk Management Consultant, Elkhart Lake, WI:

Robin is a long time ag supporter as a dairy producer, broker, and market analyst.  His business, AgDairy LLC, provides full-service commodity brokerage for grains and dairy, as well as trading in all commodities. Robin is also a licensed crop insurance agent. Robin attracts microphones and reporters adding more value to the industry as a Dairy Analyst with DTN Progressive Farmer,, and other regional/national media outlets.  Robin helps producers sleep better by helping them plan for market gyrations.  Ask him about his Highland cattle.


David Webb

Web and Mobile Technology Consultant, San Diego, CA:

David thrives in the web development community applying his unique skillset across many technical disciplines, such as ecommerce, web and mobile app development, server architecture, and content management. Leveraging his technical background, he has worked with a wide range of industries, from advertising and entertainment, to healthcare, education, and the financial sector.  David is well known for keeping many spinning plates (hard drives?) in the air at one time.   


Walt Ogburn

Management Consultant, Stillwater, MN:

Walt is an agribusiness advisor helping businesses of all sizes develop their people and execute their business plans.  From consulting and coaching to enhancing engagement and development, Walt develops and delivers people solutions to address all kinds of business challenges. Walt has worked with Pfizer/Zoetis and currently leads Ogburn Solutions.  He enjoys trying new approaches to people management on the team at FYP Consulting.  It's always a win-win.


Jane Hillstrom

Public Relations Consultant, Green Bay, WI:

Jane found her passion for agriculture at an early age helping her grandfather milk cows. As the president of Hillstrom PR, Jane and her team manage public relations campaigns for agricultural clients, including farmers, processors, restaurants and e-commerce. Her clients have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, People magazine and on CNN Financial News. She has prepared her clients for everything from interviews on Nightline to giving speeches in front of thousands of people and for numerous regional broadcast news programs, and print and online articles. Her specialty is assisting her clients in building their community and online reputation.

Bob Milligan.JPG

Bob Milligan, PhD

Consulting Economist, St Paul, MN:

Bob is Professor Emeritus in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University.  At Cornell he was an award winning instructor in the undergraduate business program.  Bob is best known in Extension for developing and leading the PRO-DAIRY Program – a program that develops and teaches leadership and management principles and concepts.  His work helping dairy producers continues as a Senior Consultant with Dairy Strategies, LLC. 


Dave Prigel, DVM

Consulting Veterinarian, Battlefield, MO:

Dave was raised on a dairy farm in Missouri and enjoys helping dairy producers improve their herd management skills as a consulting veterinarian.   He has extensive experience using the PCDART platform to solve problems and find opportunities.  Dave’s diverse career includes contract work for Monsanto and Elanco, teaching agriculture classes, and managing the school dairy at College of the Ozarks. He enjoys traveling including trips abroad to train dairy professionals in The Republic of Georgia and Senegal Africa.  


Jim Reynolds, DVM

Consulting Veterinarian, Visalia, CA:

Jim grew up on a dairy farm near San Diego.  He's been in private dairy and beef practices, on the faculty of UC Davis and Western University, and with Praedium Ventures as VP of Consulting.  Jim has been active with leadership positions within the veterinary community, particularly in the area of animal welfare.  Jim has worked throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.  He enjoys helping baby calves and fresh cows thrive.

Joe Headshot.jpeg

Joe Hemauer

Financial and Business Planning Consultant, Plymouth, WI:

Joe is a Wisconsin native with extensive experience in the dairy industry. His dairy farm upbringing prepared him well for his roles as a dairy producer, farm manager, and business consultant. He understands and appreciates dairies of all sizes, and enjoys helping producers build confidence in their business plans. Joe is a life-long student and appreciates travel as a means to learn from others. Joe believes solving most of the world’s problems involves a spreadsheet.